Security Statement

Revised and Effective as of August 15, 2017

This Security Statement describes, in general, certain of the security safeguards ApplicationsOnline, LLC ("ApplicationsOnline") has implemented in connection with the Candidate Management Platform ("CMP"), an online service provided by ApplicationsOnline, LLC ("ApplicationsOnline," "us," "we," "our") through the CMP website located at (the "CMP Website") and all personally identifiable information collected through the CMP Service.


ApplicationsOnline endeavors to adhere to generally accepted industry standards to help secure the CMP Service and to safeguard the personally identifiable information we collect from you through the CMP Service, both during transmission and while on our servers. Our Privacy Statement, available at, describes our practices with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable and other information from users of the CMP Service.


ApplicationsOnline has adopted and implemented an internal information security plan which we use to identify risks associated with the personally identifiable information we collect and store, and to help us implement adequate administrative, physical and electronic safeguards to mitigate those risks.


The connections between the CMP Website and the browser of a user submitting personally identifiable information through the CMP Service are encrypted with industry standard technologies. Likewise, the connections between the CMP Website and the browser of a CMP user receiving information submitted through the CMP Service are encrypted with the same or similar technologies. The same safeguards apply to interactions with any integrated third party services ApplicationsOnline may offer or utilize in connection with the CMP Service. However, be aware that any emails you send to or receive from us are inherently not secure. Contact us and provide us with a phone number for us to contact you if your question or comment involves sensitive or personally identifiable information.


ApplicationsOnline utilizes only reputable third party service providers who provide industry- standard, physical and electronic data center and server security safeguards to host all or part of the CMP Service, CMP Website, and/or to store the databases containing the information we collect from our users.


In addition to encrypted transmissions and physical and electronic security through our trusted service providers, ApplicationsOnline restricts electronic access to the non-public areas of the CMP Service and database(s) through multiple authentication, authorization and access control technologies. It is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your password and to change your password periodically. ApplicationsOnline recommends that you do not divulge your user name or password to anyone in order to avoid unauthorized access to your account. Each time you are finished working in your account, you should completely logout of the CMP Service, close your browser window and clear the computer cache and cookies to avoid unauthorized access to your account. You should contact us immediately if you believe your password or account has been compromised.


While ApplicationsOnline has implemented reasonable industry standard safeguards to help safeguard the CMP Service and the personally identifiable information we collect from our users, it is generally accepted that no method of online data transmission, storage or overall information security scheme is 100% secure; therefore, ApplicationsOnline cannot and does not guarantee the absolute security of the CMP Service, the CMP Website, or the personally identifiable information we collect.


This Security Statement was last revised on and is effective as of August 15, 2017.